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Home Performance With Energy Star®
Improve Your Home's Energy Usage

Home Performance With Energy Star

Taking a “whole house” approach is one of the ways we make sure your home is as comfortable and energy efficient as possible. Upstate Spray Foam is dedicated to improving your home’s efficiency by utilizing the ENERGY STAR program. We work with you to improve your home’s overall energy consumption and efficiency, saving you money!

We use our performance appraisal to educate you on your home’s overall condition and energy consumption. We take into account your family’s lifestyle and the level of comfort you expect from your home when giving any suggestions. Our experts will review your energy bills to best understand your energy usage and provide plan for lowering costs without lowering your standard of living. We inspect your home and perform a safety check to make sure your home is in tip-top shape from roof to basement while providing recommendations to improve its efficiency moving forward.

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Our BPI Goldstar Professionals Are Ready To Help Analyze Your Home’s Energy Efficiency With An Energy Star Assessment.

The ENERGY STAR program makes it easier and more affordable for New York State homeowners to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. The program uses qualified contractors recognized by the Building Performance Institute (BPI), which sets the standards for assessing and improving the energy efficientcy of homes. Every contractor is trained to look at the big picture by testing energy consumption and identify opportunities for improvement. Your contractor will identify where your home is wasting energy, what to expect from the work, and where to go for additional information.

Upstate Spray Foam is happy to help you improve your Central New York home to increase comfort level and save money while providing your specific energy needs. Call us today at 315-822-5238 or submit the form below to talk to our experts and get started!

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Household Size Empower Annual HPwES Subsidy Annual
1 $28,692 $38,256
2 $37,524 $50,032
3 $46,356 $61,808
4 $55,176 $73,568
5 $64,008 $85,344
6 $72,840 $97,120
7 $76,120 $101,493
8 $84,760 $113,013
9 $93,400 $124,533
10 $102,040 $136,053


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