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Baggs Square Loft Apartments

Baggs Square Loft Apartments

Quiet Down Up There!

If you’ve ever lived in a multi story apartment building or a two story home (especially with children) you’ve probably uttered those words. Well, at the Baggs Square Utica Loft Apartments – say it no more!

We’ve been contracted by a local commercial contractor to provide open cell spray foam to the underside of floor/ceiling assemblies to give their tenants just a little bit more privacy. The project will run for several months as we get through each unit individually. 

The building was constructed in the 1800’s and more recently became luxury loft apartments. The beautiful plank flooring was left exposed both below and above, which provided just 1” of wood as the barrier between differing floor apartments. This allowed noise to easily travel to the neighbor but also liquid spills in the kitchen could migrate to your neighbor below. We installed 1” of Closed Cell Foam to the underside of the floors to provide a water resistant barrier for those spills and then followed up with 3” of Open Cell Foam for a sound barrier.

The foam will now be covered with pine ceilings. Lots of protections on this one!