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Affordable camp, cabin, and lake house insulation services

Camp Insulation

Affordable camp, cabin, and lake house insulation services

Insulating Your Camp, Cabin, or Lake House

Whether you enjoy camping on the lake or deep in the woods, our team can find you, we can find a way to get to your site, and we can help make your camp more comfortable and in turn more enjoyable.

Our trucks have accessed camps on the shores of Lake Ontario, deep into the hills of the Adirondacks and up and down the Finger Lakes. We’re certain we can also find a way to get to your camp or places in between.

We can offer recommendations to make your seasonal camp a little more efficient in the colder months or we can take your one-time seasonal camp and turn it into a year-round home.

Whether your camp is on piers, or it has that old wainscoting that you really want to preserve, we can offer options that make sense for your wallet.

Spray Foam is a great option when spraying floors under camps, or the underside of tin roofs in attic spaces. Spray Foam can also offer peace of mind as when you are away from camp. Critter infestation, raising water tables, etc. have haunted many of our customers in the past. When using spray foam insulation, you can rest assured it is done once and for all.

What better way to enjoy camp, when you don’t have to work on it?

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