Insulating An Existing Home

Affordable insulation for existing homes including polyurethane spray foam, insulation bats, blown in cellulose, and more – all from Upstate Spray Foam.

Do Existing Homes Need New Insulation?

If you live in an existing home that you are looking to improve you have came to the right place.

Did you realize that decades ago, many insulating methods would bring horsehair, newspapers, extra layers of plaster, even hay/grass into your wall cavities and attic areas?

While all of these insulating materials were a step in the right direction, we did not adopt these methods when we started business nearly 15 years ago. Our team has state-of-the-art equipment, using modern materials with modern practices to insulating your existing home.

Our firm can help in adding blow-in insulation to your wall cavities or attic spaces. We can even install spray polyurethane foam in your attic spaces, basements and crawlspaces without impacting your living arrangements.

When it comes to adding insulation to your existing walls we are specialized in removal and replacement of all types of siding such as vinyl, wood clapboard, aluminum, cedar shakes, cement board, among others. This enables us to add insulation to your wall cavities without drilling unsightly holes through your siding. We will remove your siding in rows, add insulation to your walls and replace your siding as if it had never been touched.

We can also find access to attic spaces that you never knew existed. Insulating parts of your home that have been leaking heat and costing you money for years.

A crew of certified insulation experts quote insulation services for an existing victorian home

Advanced & Affordable Solutions

When calling on Upstate Spray Foam Insulation we can come to your home, perform an inspecting of the home and provide a written estimate for any necessary needs, even listing them by priority to help your decision making process. We employ BPI trained professionals who use modern techniques such as blower door systems, thermal imaging cameras, smoke pens and more to help in finding the most inefficient areas of your home.

Our team is the best in diagnosing and fixing ice damming/icicles, frozen pipes, and drafty areas among other things that may haunt you in your existing home.

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Upstate Spray Foam truck parked outside of existing home for insulation services

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The EmPower+ New York program provides free energy efficiency solutions for income-eligible New York residents. Available for both homeowners and renters. 

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