Insulating A Historic Home

Affordably insulate your historic home without sacrificing structural integrity or historic attributes of your home. 

These are the ones we like. It truly is amazing the way they used to build homes. The beautiful woodwork, the walk-up attic spaces, the arched windows, the list goes on. They sure were crafty and articulate in their designs. But one thing is for certain – THEY DIDN’T CARE ABOUT THE COST OF HEATING.

We come across historic homes often, and know that preserving their condition is important to you and sometimes to the State of New York! Our team has been fortunate enough to be part of many historic home projects.

We can make all of the necessary improvements while still preserving the woodwork in the home and character of the design.

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The cost of spray foam insulation is one of the top worries for our customers. 


We have a saying: “Estimates are free; heating is not.” When you want to see what your home insulation will cost, the best way is to start with a FREE Estimate. We’ll give you a list of all the costs, and your options: insulation type, areas that are important to insulate, and more.


We’ll compare costs with Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) in your attic and walls. Our customers love the low cost of SPF. We’ve even had some customers compare the cost of applying spray foam by themselves to the cost of hiring us to do it. Every time, it has turned out to cost less to hire us!


If needed, we can even talk about treating only one (or only sections) of your home or building at a time, so you can spread out the work—and your costs—over time. Tell us your goals, and we’ll work with you to make sure you get everything you want for your budget.

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The EmPower+ New York program provides free energy efficiency solutions for income-eligible New York residents. Available for both homeowners and renters.