Save Money & Energy

Comfort Homes Program

Want to save energy, spend less on utility bills and make your home more comfortable? NYSERDA is the answer for New York State homeowners and renters.

Incentive Levels:

$1,000 Incentive

$2,500 Incentive

$4,000 Incentive

Increase Comfort Of Your Home with Seal & Insulate Packages

Want to be more comfortable in your home, lower your energy bills, and get on the path to a clean energy future? NYSERDA’s Comfort Home program can help make it easy to make smart investments for a more efficient home now and more affordable clean heating options in the future via seal and insulate packages.

As part of the Comfort Home pilot program, these packages, available throughout New York State, are offered by trained and qualified Comfort Home professionals at Upstate Spray Foam.  We can help you fix common problems like drafty areas in your home, and rooms that are difficult to keep cool in summer, and reduce the occurrence of ice dams in winter. Most common incentives range from $1,000 to $2,500 for installation of seal and insulate packages, depending on the type of improvements being made. 

How To Get Started​

Begin with providing some info for a free consultation with one of our professionals to help you select the best improvement package for you which includes rebates and financing. An example of a Comfort Home package may include:

  • Sealing air leaks
  • Insulation upgrades for ceilings, floors, and walls
  • Installation of high performance windows
Additional rebates may be available if you install a heat pump for managing heating and cooling depending on recommendations

Most Common Comfort Home Load Reduction Packages

To qualify for the incentive, the residence must satisfy all the specified criteria in the package.

*Additional incentives may be available for heat pump installation if done within 24 months of completing the work to install your Comfort Home Load-Reduction Package

Good Better Best
Seal and Insulate Attic and Rim Joist Seal and Insulate Attic and Rim Joist and Insulate Walls and Floors Seal and Insulate Attic and Rim Joist, Insulate Walls and Floors, and Retrofit Windows to ENERGY STAR
Incentive: $1,000* Incentive: $2,500* Incentive: $4,000*

Save Today & Invest In The Future

If you’re contemplating upgrading your home’s heating or cooling system, it’s advisable to prioritize sealing and insulating before investing in new equipment. Implementing these measures initially can offset the expenses associated with new heating and cooling systems, as it enables effective temperature control with smaller and more affordable equipment. Opting for equipment that is both cost-effective to purchase and operate translates to immediate and long-term savings. The Upstate Spray Foam team can offer estimates for a new heat pump system, assist in locating a qualified installer, and provide information on available rebates and financing.

For those not ready to upgrade their equipment immediately, investing in sealing and insulating proves to be a forward-looking and cost-effective strategy, yielding immediate benefits in the form of reduced energy bills.