Blow-in blanket Insulation system

Loose Fill Fiberglass by OPTIMA®

How It Works

The Optima BIB System is designed for installation in sidewalls, cathedral ceilings, floored attics, and other closed cavity applications. It is pneumatically installed behind special non-woven “Optima” Fabric. It is used primarily as a residential and commercial insulation, and holds acoustical properties as well. In addition, at a high-dense pack, the BIBS system will not settle or sag over time. As a custom-fit blanket, this system sports an R-15 in 2” x 4” construction, and an R-23 in 2” x 6” construction. Where studies show that even a small opening in an insulated area can cause a substantial decrease in the effective R-value of the entire area, the BIBS system will uphold a consistent R-value around all obstructions, electrical outlets, recessed lighting, and more.

Worker Spraying Blown Fiberglass Insulation between Attic Trusses


During installation, the fabric is laid across the working area, and stapled to the stud walls. Once covered completely, each cavity is pneumatically blown full, typically at a high-dense pack. Once full, the cavities are packed flat and covered with a vapor barrier over the Optima Fabric.


The BIB system can only be installed into new construction, or existing homes with open and exposed stud cavities. For existing homes or buildings, we offer a similar pneumatically blown fiberglass and cellulose. Ask us for more information on our retro-fit applications.


The BIB system is a thermally efficient, cost-effective insulation. While not fulfilling all the same properties as our spray foam applications, the BIB application is guaranteed for the life of a home with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. It is non-combustible, non-corrosive, and will not absorb moisture. The BIB system provides exceptional thermal efficiency, and installed only by certified contractors in accordance with the manufacturer’s standards.

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