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2023-2024 Empower+ Eligibility Guidelines

To qualify for EmPower+, homeowners and renters need to meet income criteria.
 If you answer “yes” to the following, you may be eligible.

What is NYSERDA Empower+?

EmPower+ is a New York State Energy Program that assists households with low to moderate income in saving energy and funds for improvements to their property’s energy efficiency. 

Through EmPower+, qualifying homes can have up to 100% of their energy improvement costs covered. There are two income brackets – lower and moderate income. Those in the lower income bracket qualify for 100% coverage, while those in the moderate bracket qualify for 50% coverage. 

Table of income eligibility for Empower+ Free Energy Program by household size and income.

Frequently Asked Questions About Empower+?

Yes. We know it sounds too good to be true, but it’s real. Look no further than the hundreds of real customer reviews we’ve collected about real home savings. New York is committed to making homes more energy efficient and have set aside dollars to cover the costs for thousands of New York residents. 

We have personally helped thousands of households get FREE energy services, including insulation, heating and cooling upgrades, appliances, and light fixtures at ZERO cost to the homeowner.


It’s easy enough to find out! You can use our simple online qualification tool or review the guidelines here

There are two income brackets depending on household size – lower and moderate. If your household falls outside of these, there are still plenty of energy grants and rebates available

Homeowners can take advantage of zero income qualification programs like Comfort Home, Clean Heat, and the NYS Tax Credit. 

Sometimes homeowners won’t qualify for Empower+ because of income or because of their energy provider circumstances. 

If you don’t qualify, we likely still can still help you acquire energy savings through our other energy grants and rebates programs

Anyone can download the EmPower application directly from NYSERDA, but working with a certified installer helps make sure you meet all of the qualification guidelines. We’re here to walk you through the process – as we have done thousands of installs throughout New York.