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Basement Insulation

Basement Insulation

Make your living space larger and more comfortable

Should you consider basement insulation? It’s an important first question! Here are a few ways to determine whether you need a professional evaluation.

We have found that basements are a heat sink—drawing heat away from the rest of your home—from this time of the year through spring. If your first level floors are warm, or if you walk into your finished basement and it feels as comfortable as the rest of your house, it’s most likely already insulated. If your first-level floors are cold, or your basement is unfinished and/or cold, you’re definitely losing heat (and money).

Inside basement with insulation applied to ceiling and spray foam applied to perimeter walls

Insulating your exterior basement walls (those around the perimeter) helps seal away that cold concrete that often absorbs your heat and passes it to the earth outside. Spray foam basement walls and insulating your basement ceiling are common improvements, and are well-received by anyone who has them done. It’s a relatively quick and simple solution, it can be finished off for a clean-looking space, and it will mean a more efficient heating system. That means warmer basement temperatures, warmer floors throughout your house, and lower energy costs year round!

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