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Excell Motorsports in Hubbardsville, NY

Excell Motorsports in Hubbardsville, NY

Excell Motorsports in Hubbardsville (NY) recently expanded their showroom by adding over 3,000 sf to their existing facility on State Route 12.

They consulted with our team to determine the most efficient way to insulate this new space. After having learned of their plans on how to use the space, how to heat the space and the temperatures in which they were planning to heat and cool it we provided the following recommendations.


In the photo of the floor this was taken before the concrete was placed but AFTER the radiant in-floor heating lines were installed. We used Closed Cell Foam to spray the sub-grade of the floor prior to the placement of the radiant heating tubes. This method is highly recommended to provide a monolithic and seamless insulation and vapor barrier underneath the heating system and entire concrete slab. Because the compressive strength of Closed Cell Foam is very good – the application is undoubtedly the most bullet proof insulation for a concrete slab. No gaps, cracks, seams and it will contour to irregular sub-grade where foam board cannot.


We sprayed all exterior walls to 3″ R-22 with 2 lb. Closed Cell Foam. With spray foam in a pole building, it provides a continuous barrier behind all poles and in front of all purlins. This quality of install is something that typical batt or roll insulation cannot provide. While spraying the walls we also accessed the attic space and sprayed the proper vents/baffles in place at the eaves of the building to provide attic ventilation at the eaves.


To wrap up the job, our crews accessed the attic space of the addition to perform the attic insulation. This involved sealing all ceiling penetrations (wiring/plumbing/framing) with one part spray foam sealant and then insulating the entire attic with 18″ (R-49) of Insul-Safe SP Fiberglass. We install both loose fill Fiberglass and loose fill Cellulose in attic spaces and this customer preferred the Fiberglass over the Cellulose for the cleanliness of the product where Cellulose tends to be a bit dustier than Fiberglass.

The result of the job will be a very healthy and efficient 3,000 sq ft. addition for Excell Motorsports to continue to provide unparalleled sales and service when it comes to equipment and off-road machines such as YAMAHA, POLARIS, BOBCAT, HUSTLER and more. Visit Excell Motorsports at 2292 State Route 12 Hubbardsville, NY or online at excellmotorsports.com