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Great Barrington, MA

Great Barrington, MA

Word travels… This customer out of Great Barrington MA hired the wrong firm TWICE. Then someone told him that our group from little West Winfield (NY) was the exception. He kicked tires for awhile but eventually pulled the trigger this fall. They were awfully patient waiting for us… that helped.🤙

Here’s the results:

  • We didn’t have to tap into his electrical panel box to run our equipment. That was new to him. (We have our own power source on our trucks.)
  • We didn’t ask to borrow his tools. 
  • We brought poly to mask the doors and windows and we actually used it. 
  • We finished ahead of schedule AND we cleaned up what mess we made.
  • Our equipment didn’t break down every day.
  • Our guys were respectful, and hard workers. 
  • We offered solutions, not excuses.
  • As he put it, “you can tell you guys know what you’re doing by how nice it looks”.

Long story short, he’s happy.  And as they say, “3rd time is the charm”.

Don’t make the mistake this customer did. Hire Upstate the first time!