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Pole Barn

Pole Barn

Pole buildings or “pole barns” are structures that can really benefit from spray foam insulation. The key advantages of spray foam insulation typically all come into play in a pole barn structure.

Pole buildings are typically lined with steel siding/liner panels. Steel is known to sweat, and spray foam creates a vapor barrier to prevent this sweating.

Inside large pole barn with spray foam already applied on inside of walls and ceiling

Steel liner panels have many corrugations that are typically open to outside air. They also are not “sealed” together. Spray foam creates an air barrier to solve this problem as well.

Pole buildings also are typically framed with 6×6 poles—8 feet on-center—with 2×4 purlins running horizontally from pole to pole. This is not a good place to stuff rolled insulation or sheet-type products. The answer: spray foam can be installed to fit perfectly in all of these spaces.

Depending on the usage and type of building, our team can recommend just the right spray foam thickness.

Also, depending on whether a ceiling is to be installed or not, we can offer either closed cell foam, cellulose, or even a combination of the two.

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