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Beak + Skiff Apple Farms

Beak + Skiff Apple Farms in Lafayette NY

We have a lot of challenging projects under our belt. For some reason, we usually are the ones running in when others are running out. There is something about a challenging project that draws our interest. The sense of accomplishment? The desire to be the difference? Or maybe it’s the fact that our customers are in need, and we pride ourselves in being a solution.

Beak + Skiff Apple Farms in Lafayette NY are known for many things but certainly for their delicious 1911 Brand of beverages. Their Cider House was in need of an insulation upgrade to meet manufacturing requirements and when they realized the challenge of the project,  they called on Upstate. The cider house had to maintain operations, brewing Cider from 7am to 6pm daily. Our team came in third shift and replaced their existing fiberglass insulation with Closed Cell Foam, all while allowing their business to run as usual. 

Many unique equipment rentals were deployed to reach all areas and the job was capped with a fire resistive coating over all the newly installed foam. Their operation didn’t miss an hour of production and no overspray was found on their equipment below. Many jobs we are proud of, but this one takes the cake. Props to our staff – for always being the solution!!